Globalization also brings good things. Today you can be listened directly in real time from the teacher that inspire you at most, and you can have effective lessons without leaving your home. If you have a broadband connection and you need me to help you to prepare yourself for an exam, an audition, a concert or  you feel you need some advices to improve your spicatto, legato, phrasing or tuning, send me an email and let’s start Skype lessons!

Lesson are in available in the following lenguages: Spanish, English, German, Italian, Portughese and Hebrew.

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” I strongly recommend to take lessons with Diego Zecharies via Skype.Even being thousands of miles away it has proved a very useful tool. Diego definitely guide you on how to IMPROVE !!! A teacher in every sense of the word !!! Thanks Diego !!! “

Jaime Córdoba Belalcázar, Colombia.

“Take lessons with Diego via Skype has been a great experience. In addition to his  great talent as a musician and teacher, Diego has an excellent video and audio quality, which made the lesson like  a “face to face” one. I look forward to taking this opportunity to continue to grow in my profession. “

Joaquin D’Uva, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

” The experience of online classes with Diego was very instructive. Easy connection, great sound, high availability and live accompaniment. Magnificent teacher. “

Juan Guillermo Álvarez Londoño, Antioquia, Colombia.

“His way to teach reactivated my illusion and my confidence. The energy released during the lessons, spreads easily and gradually the feeling that you’re capable of anything. I had never taken lessons via Skype and to my surprise, Diego was able to convey his energy too many miles away, helping me find the best of myself. Diego Zecharies is certainly an excellent musician and bassist, a teacher that can make you play things you were completely unaware, with a large dose of motivation. Thanks Diego! “

Luciano Varela, student at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (Netherlands)